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Managing the environment

Create a safe learning and living environment.

Living Room

Management is a key component to raising puppies. Managing the environment allows us to remove the opportunity for failure while we teach puppies acceptable behaviour. In this unit we will teach you how to successfully manage your environment.

Management is basically controlling your puppy's learning experiences, good and bad. It might mean confining your puppy, crating your puppy and setting up baby gates to control access to different areas in your home. Without managing your puppy's environment, your training will either progress VERY slowly or not at all.  Without management your ability to have positive training experiences will be very limited, and the good behaviours will not outweigh the bad. We highly recommend taking a look around, and seeing how you can better manage your puppies learning environment.

Golden Dog

"Jumping to freedom is one of the biggest mistakes puppy owners make. Once they start implementing confinement in their training plan, they see immediate positive changes in the puppy's behaviour. "

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Management Supplies

If your puppy does not have your undivided attention they should be crated, contained or tethered to ensure they do not make bad choices.


A crate is imperative when raising puppies. It allows you to leave them unsupervised without the worry of them getting into trouble. The crate is the ultimate tool in managing behaviours.

Gates and Exercise Pen

A gate will allow you the ability to block off certain areas of your home from your puppy. An exercise pen is a must have in order to allow your puppy "free time" when supervision is not possible.


A leash will give you the ability to tether your puppy to you or a secure object in order to control their access to space. You can also leave a leash dragging while they explore (supervised) areas of the home. This will help you swiftly remove them when they are causing or about to cause trouble.

Removing Management

Allowing more freedom is based on behaviour, not age. Puppies earn more freedom based on their ability to comply to known commands.


Puppy comes every time you call them while indoors.

Leave it

When told to leave it, your puppy drops and leaves the item.


Your puppy has the ability to remain calm and relaxed while indoors.

As your puppies move through different developmental periods your level of management may increase or decrease.


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